• Code of Conduct

    BLUE eSports embraces the inherent dignity of every individual member of our growing community; this is both our culture and our mission. As such, we welcome and respect gamers from all backgrounds and strive to be the leader in esports that honors the dignity of every gamer.

    All gamers utilizing the Blue eSports agree that:

    1. Honoring the unique experiences and cultural backgrounds of every competitor and team member is essential. Blue eSports believes that we must understand, respect, and embrace our differences; and the facility will be a space where this flourishes.
    2. Harassment based on any aspect of a person's identity will not be tolerated. Behaviors that contradict Blue eSport's mission or policies - such as bullying, violence, sexual harassment, or intimidation - will not be tolerated.
    3. Toxicity, cheating, betting, or illegal activity is not allowed.

    Policies and Procedures

    1. Blue eSports use is exclusively open to currently enrolled members, pay-to-play walk-in players, and staff.
    2. Aside from tournament, programming or event times, gaming stations will be available for individual reservation and will be available for pay-to-play walk-ins on a first come, first serve basis. 
    3. Individuals will have a 15-minute grace period from the time of their reservation, after which the reservation will be canceled.
    4. Food is not allowed in the Gaming Space.  Drinks must be in a sealed, leak-proof bottle and are not permitted on station tables. 
    5. If an area is at full capacity, users must wait outside until sufficient space becomes available.
    6. Leave the Blue eSports Center in the state that you found it by cleaning up after yourself.
    7. Gaming space computers should be used primarily for gaming; personal use (such as checking emails or social media) should be kept to a minimum.  During peak usage, users who are not using the stations for gaming will lose access to those stations.
    8. Honor the closing times of the Blue eSports Center. We recommend not starting a new game with less than 30 minutes prior to the close of the space.  If the Blue eSports is closing, you will be required to exit your game.